Crappy US Football Is Too Stop-Starty!

Crappy US Football Is Too Stop-Starty!

People in England always say about how American Football is far too stop-starty, but they’re fooling themselves.

The great thing about US football is that from the split second that whistle blows until (just after) if blows again, it’s 100% intensity and commitment.  You have to have total awareness or you’ll get murdered.

I assume the people saying it’s stop-starty are comparing it wih rugby and soccer… when if you think about it for 90% of the game in those you’re jogging about half-assedly barely even paying attention.  How’s that better than giving it absolutely everything you’ve got and then stopping to discuss the next best way to give it everything again?

Until you’ve played in full kit you really can’t appreciate how intense it all is.

When you’re playing, believe me when I say it doesn’t stop.

The other big whinge most Brits have is “They wear all that padding, the big puffs!”.

First off, I was watching some of the Six Nations rugby yesterday (my first time watching rugby in a long time), and I was very surprised to see that not only are a lot of players wearing head guards now, but many also appeared to be wearing shoulder pads?!  So that’s pissed on your bonfire!

Having played both, I understand how totally different the two sports are.  Sure, rugby is hard, but if you haven’t got the ball and have no intention of getting it, you won’t find some 300lb linebacker is suddenly all you see before sky, ground and pain.

That ‘padding’ in US Football is also very convenient to use to try and hurt whoever you’re hitting.  Again, if you haven’t played in full kit you’ll never be able to appreciate how hard people hit BECAUSE of the ‘padding’.

It’s a brutal game.  It’s very tribal and primitive, and even much like a small scale war.

If you haven’t played it (and I notice that I’ve NEVER met anyone who’s actually played who still thinks it’s for pansies), then you’re missing out on an extreme experience!

And on that note, today is Superbowl Sunday!

Tonight, my favourite team – The Pittsburgh Steelers – will take on what is probably my second favourite team – The Green Bay Packers – in the Greatest Show On Earth.

It’s just a shame about the adverts….

So I have beer and snacks in, and can’t -ing wait for what should be a great match up!

*waves his Terrible Towel*

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