First Ride And Chances For Kneedown Action

First Ride And Chances For Kneedown Action

I had no chance of using the Kawasaki ZX9R over Christmas.  The snow was a Hell of a lot worse than last year (the reason I got a car license for this Winter) and just lasted forever!

When it finally did go it was still all icy or at the very least wet.  So after one of the longest periods I’ve ever had without riding, I decided that Today Was The Day.

I happily logged onto Facebook to see complaints from everyone that they’d had another few inches of snow!

Looking out the window again just in case I’d gone blind, it confirmed that there wasn’t so much as a flake of it here.  A quick ask around showed everywhere else in the world has the white stuff, so I though I may as well do a very local ride!

Kitting up with my new Knoxx back protector for the first time, I taped a cam into the helmet to capture any spectacular crashes and went to see if the beast would start.

Pressing the starter briefly to prime everything after the lay-up, it sounded like the battery was a bit low but it would go.  I pressed again and the trusty steed fired straight into life!  What a machine!

Slithering down the rough track to the road, as soon as I pulled out the tyres started sliding.  The engine was also choking up a bit, so I gave it several large handfuls to get it revving cleanly.

I can’t advise doing this because it DID spin up everywhere, and there were a few small slides and one rather large sideways lock-up braking for a pedestrian crossing.  The camera battery ran out about 10 seconds before this – typical!

It is slippery out there!

I don’t know if it’s just the cold (and cold tyres) or grit or more likely some overnight sleet, but there’s just bugger-all grip for two wheels.

Still, I was nicely relaxed even when the tyres slid, and almost instantly forgot I was even wearing the back protector.  Of the bike it feels a bit like a rucksack, but it’s perfectly comfortable on the bike and also an incentive to loose more Christmas chub so I don’t have to rob a bank to buy new leathers!

I was a bit nervous around slow corners and junctions, but I’m pretty sure that was just my survival instinct doing the right thing.  It’s not exactly fun out there, but it felt great to be back on the bike again.

If you’re still riding out there, keep it safe – and let’s hope for a great year for all things bikey!

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