Do too many people strive to ‘go all the way to the top’ in their jobs?

Most people hate their jobs and are constantly disappointed when they don’t get that promotion.

Here’s some news: YOU CAN’T ALL BE AT THE TOP!

Is it wrong to just settle somewhere on comfortable money?  Or should we all strive for the top (which is essentially like winning the Lottery, only there’s even less chance)?

They’re ALL dead-end jobs, when it comes down to it.

Why is it frowned upon to settle for a mediocre job on mediocre pay?  Or, even worse, it’s frowned upon to be in an, err… *tries not to swear* cock-a-doody of a job with good pay!

Just what should we strive for?  Disappointment?  Stress?

You can break your back day in, day out for a company, then 20 years down the line *BANG!* You’re redundant.

Granted, in some ways you’re safer at the top – but they can also save 20 lower paid jobs just by axing one director… and when it really comes down to it, it’s the grunts who get the work done.

Ambition is all well and good, but the chances are you WON’T make MD, simply because decisions at the every top are very rarely based on drive or even skill – it’s more who you know, and who you’re ‘in’ with.

So are you constantly trying to move up the ladder for yourself, or because that’s what everyone says you have to do?

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