Michael Cera Is A Granny-faced Unfunny Wimpy Geek Crap-acting Cunt

Michael Cera Is A Granny-faced Unfunny Wimpy Geek Crap-acting Cunt

It seems that a new King of Hollywood Comedy has usurped my friend Owen ‘Unfunny’ Wilson at last!


Michael ‘Oh I’m REALLY Fucking Hilarious’ Cera.

Look how funny he is!  With his Geek Appeal, and cute vulnerability.

Not to mention his Scottish-Granny-style looks, with pensioner hair obviously to hide his big fucking balloon-shaped head!

But I can forgive looks, and stupid high whiney voice.  I can understand that people think weak-ass Hobbits make great heros (although I don’t have to like it one tiny bit).

What I can’t forgive is that he’s shit, and that everyone wants the twat in their film!!!

So what’s he been in?

Superbad – where he nearly ruined the film.

Juno – where it was shit anyway and he actually made me punch the TV screen.

And the classic that I watched far too much of at the weekend: ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’.  Uhhh…


I could have sworn he was the Nobber in some film where he decides to be a superhero, so makes a Ghey suit and goes out and gets stabbed by a crim.  I laughed, but it seems that wasn’t him?  Just his spirit, I guess?

Anyway, he’s shit, and I hope he chokes on his own head in some bizarre accident.  Avoid any film with this rubber-head in.



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