Tag! You’re It!

Tag!  You’re It!

Ahh bollocks…

It’s me who’s been chosen for redundancy.

I thought it would be, and compared to the instant depths of despair I was staring into when the possibility was announced last week, I’ve taken it pretty well.

We spent all morning in shit-state (me and the other Monkey who was in the firing line), and I think if they’d left it much longer I’d have got a -ing ulcer!  STRESS!!!

I’ve had an agonising headache growing across my brainstem all morning – it’s a first for me but I should imagine that that’s the stress area?  So that figures.

As we were informed by telephone (yup – not even face to face!), when it was suggested that “In no particular order”, I went into the room to take the call first, of course I knew it was me.  There’s a full meeting on Friday where allegedly they’ll look at ways to avoid making me redundant, but I think with cuts being made through the whole company that’s merely a formality.

I’m privy to more insider info that confirms my fears, but I can’t put that here incase any of the Monkeys read this blog.  I was told by the Boss Monkey in confidence, and so I’ll at least uphold that for them, as it seems they’re goingt to let me keep working until it’s finalised.

In retrospect the Full English Pasty I had shortly afterwards was a Bad Idea.  I have MAJOR acid reflux now as well as this ‘Cunt’ of a headache.

Seeing as this is obviously my lucky fucking day, I made sure to buy some Lottery tickets on my way home as I finished the day early!

So what now?

Well, I have a lead that sounds very attractive to me at the moment – but I’m also trying not to place much faith in that as absolutely nothing is decided yet.  Even it it does materialise then it could be my best job yet and pay many times more than I’m on now… or it could lead to struggling and total fuckeduppedness down the line.  Plus there’s a chance of getting shot/stabbed/punched just like in the good old days – you may think this is a downside but Hell, it keeps things interesting!

Other than that it’ll be doing any shitty job I can as a temp etc, and hoping I find something stable before it sucks out my soul…

My services of a Hitman/Assassin are back on offer – so spread the word!  I’m highly skilled in killing techniques using bare hands or a variety of weapons, and also make the best Chinese Curry you will ever taste.

Bring it on!

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