EROTIC STORY: “The Jacuzzi”

EROTIC STORY: “The Jacuzzi”

“What’s that?” She asked him playfully.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist in the swimming pool as he stood holding her in the water.  Nobody else was in the pool, but even if there was he doubted he’d have seen anything but her beautiful face inches from his own, wet hair falling around her shoulders.

Her lips were slightly chilled by the water as he kissed her, and her moved his erection against the thin material of her bathing suit.

“I’m supposed to be trying to lose this!”  He protested.

She unwrapped herself from him and swam to the side of the pool.  He followed, more slowly – desperately thinking of anything that might ease his erection,  whilst stealing the odd glance towards the sole CCTV camera keeping an eye on the pool.

With one final adjustment, and adopting an angle where he could keep his back to the camera, he climbed out of the water to follow her, just as she slid herself into the warmer water in the jacuzzi.

“I’ve never been in a jacuzzi before – have you?”  He asked her, sinking into the tub beside her.

“Of course!”

He smiled as he watched her looking around, her eyes finally settling on the three buttons with a puzzled expression.

Without saying a word, the both started pressing the buttons, and suddenly lights were shining from the bottom of the tub, and the jets were making a fine layer of bubbles over the surface of the water.

They played around for a while, laughing and joking as they moved and floated around the small, four person tub, before finding themselves back in each others arms.  They sat in the deepest part in the centre, with only their necks sticking out above the broth-like water.

“Omm!” She said again, wriggling her hips against his growing hardness.  They kissed deeply, her tongue snaking into his mouth, and not helping the situation below the surface.

He glanced sideways at the camera across the other side of the main pool, at the same time bringing his hands around her sides and flicking his thumbs over her hard nipples.

She sighed and lifted her hips slightly so his hardness ran against her, slowly rubbing up and down the length of his shaft through their thin swimming costumes.

They’d already been in the jacuzzi for at least 10 minutes, and if anyone was watching the camera then they would have already looked suspicious.  They both already had the same thought.  And it was one more exotic location to cross off the list!

Keeping one arm around each other, they parted slightly, and her hand was instantly touching him through his shorts, wrapping around him and working up a steady rhythm.

He brushed his fingertips ever-so-lightly down between her legs, then cupped his hand against her, watching her eyes roll slightly as she pressed against his hand.

As they both looked at the camera again, he reached up the leg of his swimming shorts, springing himself free and guiding her hands to his cock with a slight chuckle, grazing his teeth against the side of her neck.

Going back to her, he slid his fingertips underneath her costume at the front of her hip, teasing her by slowly pulling the material to the side.

Letting out a groan himself as her fingers ran over the head of his penis, encircling it and then rubbing gently down his shaft, he made her groan too as he ran his thumb from her clit to her entrance.  He was surprised to feel how slick her juices had made her even under the water.  He circled around her clit, feeling his heart pounding now as he kissed her again.

She opened her eyes, glancing to the camera quickly then back to his eyes.

With her hand around him, she guided him towards her, his hands moving almost reluctantly back to her breasts.

He felt that same slickness on the underside of his tip as she pressed him to her opening, holding herself there on him while she moved her arms back around his neck.

Their joint cry was part muffled by their kiss as he slid just an inch inside her and stopped.

Like a standard reaction now, they both looked over to the camera, wondering if the hotel receptionist was gasping at their filth, and readying herself to call security.

It made it all the more hotter as he thrust steadily into her all the way, both pawing at each other as they tried to get closer; to feel more of the other against them, around them, inside them…

“What if we get stuck?” She asked, stifling a giggle.

They’d spoken about sex in the water before – having both heard tales from schoolteachers that it could cause a vacuum, locking two lovers together like dogs.

He grinned back at her, picturing the hotel security and Fire Brigade all stood around the jacuzzi staring at the two embarrassed lovers who’d had to call for urgent attention.

“Fuck it!” Pulling back then sinking into her again, this time she did let out a small cry that echoed around the pool room.  She pressed her face into his shoulder and he felt her fingertips digging into the skin on his back.

Leaning him back slightly, she took the control, her movements on him matching the way he pulled her ass onto him with one hand.

Knowing he was close, he tried to slow her down, but she only squeezed even harder around his shaft as her own movements became more urgent and hungry.

More unstoppable.

“Cum with me…” He whispered in her ear, and as if his words had given her permission, she clamped her arms around his neck as she came, his cock spasming deep inside her as his own release tore through his senses.

Running his fingers through the wet hair at the back of her head, they stayed locked like that, kissing tenderly, and then suddenly the air bubbles cut off.

“Shit!” He said, as he head span sideways to look at the camera again.  The fine white bubbles covering the surface and hiding them dispersed almost instantly, and he pulled quickly out of her, diving for the buttons and jabbing quickly at all of them as he heard her laughing behind him.

The bubbles came back on, frothing across the water almost instantly.

They floated back into an embrace in the water.

“Well at least we didn’t get stuck!”  She giggled.

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