EROTIC STORY: “All Cards Under The Table”

EROTIC STORY: “All Cards Under The Table”

“What if we get caught?”  Kate teased, squirming herself against his lap.

Steve groaned and leaned back in the chair, his hands sliding over her hips and down her thighs, then wrapping around her stomach to pull her even harder down onto him.

“What if we don’t?” He countered.

Everyone but the office cleaner had left for the day.  Over the soft hum of the air conditioning, they could hear the insistent whine of a vacuum cleaner or some other piece of equipment right down the other end of the offices.

She squirmed against him again, and his hand reached under her skirt, finding her already naked underneath.

“I have a plan.”  She told him, standing up and stepping to his desk.

She ran a slender finger along it’s shiny surface, before brushing his pen onto the floor.

“Oops!” Kate sucked her fingertip, biting down gently as she eyed him mischievously.

Steve caught on straight away, “You’d better bend down and pick that up…”

She gently dropped to her knees in front of his swivel chair, running her nails up his thighs towards the bulging mound at the top – dangerously close, then eased open his zip before turning away from him on her hands and knees.

He quickly opened his trousers as she shook her ass suggestively at him.  He could see darkness where Kate’s skirt had ridden up, and intended to make it ride up a lot further when he got his hands on it.

Kate crawled underneath the desk, watching him over her shoulder.

He put his legs out to the sides of the chair, paddling his feet like a penguin as he eagerly wheeled himself up to her, making her burst into laughter and clonk her head on the side of the desk.

Her stifled “Ow” made him chuckle, but when his hands lifted her skirt up over her hips, the laughing stopped.

“Oh yeah, baby!  Going down!”  She heard the rush of air as he dropped his chair down to the correct height, but before she could take the piss out of his comment, he slipped deep inside her as he wheeled his chair forwards.

She gasped and arched her back more to take him in, and her fingers scrabbled at the carpet as he thrust in and out, building up a steady rhythm.

Then he stopped.

Kate opened her eyes and realised she’d just heard the office door open in front of the desk.

“Hey Bill!  How’s it going?”

What the fuck?  Was Steve actually going to have a conversation here?

She could see the dirty pair of workboots only inches away from her!

Steve still had one hand under the desk on her hip, and as he felt her try to ease forwards off him he pulled her back onto him firmly.  He laughed fakely at some witty remark the cleaner had just made that he hadn’t heard a word of.

Oh, so that’s your game is it?  Kate thought.  She clenched around him and felt his whole body tense up.  The cleaner was waffling on about some new supermarket or something as she milked him with just the movement of her muscles.

“Fascinating!”  Steve lied with a cracked voice.  Just fuck off now, he was thinking, as well as trying to ignore the tight slippery hot feel of Kate.  He regretted pulling her back now.

“…Yeah, and the fish!  Oh the fish!  They’ve got sea bass that’s fresh as you like…”

Kate moved her hips up and down and felt Steve’s hand shoot from her hip to clutch the edge of the table.  She looked back with a smile, ever so slowly moved her hips in a corkscrew motion, stopping at the point where his knuckles went the whitest and holding there.

Steve coughed but it came out more high-pitched than he’d have liked, and quickly reached for his glass of water, promptly smashing the glass into his front teeth as Kate moved all the way up and back down his length under the table.

The cleaner stopped mid-sentence and cocked his head sideways looking at him.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes fine!”  Steve nearly shouted, feeling Kate move again with what could well have been stifled laughter.  “I just have a bit of a cold coming and lots to do…”

“Well you’re sweating like a pig!  Maybe you should take a day off tomorrow?”

The cleaner faded back a couple of steps in that way people do when they realise they’re at risk of catching your lurgy.

At last, and with a slightly disgusted-sounding goodbye, the cleaner buggered off.

“You bitch!”  Steve said, making Kate laugh.

Both his hands went back to her hips as he regained control, and her laugh turned into a moan as he slid deeply into her.

He went at her hard – both of them wanting to finish now, and dropped off the chair onto his knees pulling her back hard onto him faster and faster.

With one final thrust, accompanied by a desperate cry from under the desk followed by a head hitting the desk, Steve cried out as he came deep inside her, and the telephone disappeared from his desk as Kate pulled the wire as she came with him.

They knelt on the floor and embraced each other, neither saying a word for long minutes.

The creak of an opening door made them both jump up quickly, and Kate just managed to plonk herself into the chair on the other side of Steve’s desk as Bill the cleaner came back through the office.

Kate smoothed her hair casually, but her mouth dropped open in horror as Bill placed two mugs of coffee on the desk, winked at them both, and left without any of them saying a word.

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