Losing It

Losing It

Everyone feels like they’re losing it sometimes.

It doesn’t matter what you have – sometimes… well it’s not just that it’s ‘not enough’ or ‘not what you want’.

We all have an ideal plan for life and that never happens.

It’s so easy to fall off.  So easy to twist everything that you hear.  So easy for what you feel to be twisted in your own head so you’re not sure if it IS what you feel anymore, or even if you DO feel.

We hit the lowest points even when we should be flying high – when to some outsider it should look like we have everything.

Life is kind-of about slipping off this comfort zone and questioning yourself and how others perceive you.

If you can’t say you’ve been there then you’re lying.  If you’re not lying then you just haven’t been here yet (you lucky bastard).

You WILL be there because it’s human nature, and a sign that you’re paying attention.  Maybe too much attention?  It’s easily done if you have half a fucking brain – and sometimes I envy those who don’t.

Fear is natural, and that’s not just part of a direct conflict but an ongoing thing.

You can be living well and suddenly The Fear hits you: Your job could be taken away and you’d be fucked…  They don’t love you…  The past you’ve forgotten is catching up to you… Just plain scared that it’s all falling apart!

Well it’s the past and it’s the future so why the Hell do you give a fuck?  You can’t change one and the only person in charge of the other is YOU!

I recently attended a course as a pre-cursor to a Pass Plus course.  To you foreigners that’s a bit like an advanced driving course telling you to slow the fuck down, stop trying to impress, and not to listen to peer pressure.  Not to crash.  Every day loved ones are taken from us, and do you want your last words to them to be something you’ll always have on your conscience, or do you want it to be “I love you”?

People slip every day and I’m scared for them more than I am for myself…

G’wan!  Tell someone you love them and tell someone else who’s taking the energy and trust from your life to go fuck themselves.

There are a lot of people in this world and a lot of those who think they’re losing it are precious in the biggest way to someone.

Don’t let them go without letting them know, and don’t be the one who goes…

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