3D Movies

3D Movies

They’re all the rage nowadays!

On one hand, I can see the appeal.  Let’s face it – you can pay around £6 to sit in a cinema, or you can download and watch a film for, well, free.

It makes you wonder why anyone really bothers with the cinema – especially with 95″ plasmaLCD screens and 16,000 megawatt systems that everyone but me has at home.

But now they up the price to £9 and you get a pair of cheap-ass plastic glasses, and you can be inside the film yourself!



You’re not, really, are you?

I mean, what’s the actual point of 3D films?

Since that bit in Jaws 3D where the shark came out of the screen towards you and made you duck, what has 3D ACTUALLY added to any film?

Nothing – that’s what.

Now I know some of you are going to bleat on about the wonders of ‘Avatar’, but I’ll ask again HOW is it any better?

OK, so it was pretty cool watching that world in 3D, but it’s just a film, man.  I have yet to watch the ‘normal’ version, but I doubt it’s much worse?

I watched Jackass 3D the other day, and whilst it was good, I can’t say that being in 3D added anything at all to it other than price!

So it’s just a bit of novelty.  Something that’s a bit different for that night out at the cinema.  And that’s fine.

Now tell me why the fuck people want to buy a 3D TV???


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