Legal Drugs! Get Some Ivory Wave!!!

Legal Drugs!  Get Some Ivory Wave!!!
I caught some of the breakfast news on GMTV this morning and it was this ‘news’ story:

GMTV on Ivory Wave and Legal Highs – (link is now dead, but it was all about the horrors of this killer legal drug)

*gets his knees a-jerking*

Right.  First off I’d never heard of ‘Ivory Wave’ before this. Now I know it’s obviously good stuff, and they even show you how you can Google it to buy some!  Yay them!
This Evil substance apparently killed a 24 year old man by making him jump off a cliff into the sea.  OK… Does anyone else think it mayyyyyy just not have been ‘Ivory Wave’ that was the ACTUAL cause of death here?
To get the press up in arms again, they’re billing this as the most lethal drug since Mephedrone was banned.  Err… so they mean the Mephedrone that everyone went all Frothy-Mouthed Gaa-Gaa over, got banned, and it now turns out that despite millions of reported users, there is only possibly ONE person who died because of the drug?  And I believe even that person had taken a cocktail of other drugs at the same time as the Mephedrone…

Umm… I bet more people have died after an allergic reaction to a cup of tea in the last year.  Nasty stuff that PG Tips is!

Ironically, I’d never heard of Mephedrone before the press started baying about it, either.  I got straight on t’internet and bought some after seeing a local news reporter take some on TV to show it’s ‘horrific’ effects – which seemed pretty damned good to me!

I didn’t die.  I didn’t get addicted.  I didn’t turn into a criminal.  It didn’t turn me into a raving psychotic.  OK, so I may have been a raving psychotic BEFORE, but meh…
I should also say that sex on Mephedrone was rather bloody enjoyable, too!
Next, they go on to claim that these new ‘legal highs’ are actually a cocktail of illegal drugs!  I think not!  Can you imagine someone buying Billy’s Brainflutter (and that’s a made up name and I hold the copyright now) INSTEAD of a good straight bag of cocaine???  It would NEVER happen!

Besides, if they did contain any traces of an illegal drug, then they WOULDN’T BE FUCKING ‘LEGAL’, WOULD THEY?!?

Alcohol, tobacco and coffee are clearly more deadly in all areas, and kill more people PER DAY than Ivory Wave has EVER killed.  And yet here we go again with the media jumping on the bandwagon to get it banned just like Mephedrone.

And what do they think will happen to the people who wanted to take these ‘legal highs’ when they ban them?

I’ll tell you what – they’ll go out and buy the equivalent illegal drug.  The same illegal drug which is completely unregulated, with no comeback on suppliers, which doesn’t pay any tax, which funds criminals, and which almost certainly WILL be mixed with other illegal drugs at best and bleach or some other deadly product at worst.

Plus for their quick dose they run the risk of getting a criminal record and ruining their lives.  On some recreational subject proven to be safer than alcohol and tobacco?!

It’s madness!

Get a fucking grip and stop buying into this knee-jerk bullshit that the press and Governments force-feed you, and have a go at thinking for yourself and making your own choices!


It’s come to my attention that it might not come across as well as intended that this blog is dripping with SARCASM!  I DO NOT advise anyone to go out and buy Ivory Wave or any other drug – I’m not going to.

Having said that, I want to have the CHOICE to, after I’ve researched it and if I decide it’s anything I’d be interested in.  And if, as it appears, it’s safer than the can of cider I’m drinking as I type this, then why the Hell should I not be allowed to make that choice?

4 thoughts on “Legal Drugs! Get Some Ivory Wave!!!

  1. I Deffinetly agree with you here. i dont think really any of these drugs should be illegal. i mean exactly what you said. yea if people wanna do them then What the hell. Let Them! Its their choice! Just like smoking ciggaretts. make a law 18 and you can buy these things. For an example pot. If someone wants to have the experience of trying this once in their life then wtf let emm try it. and not make stupid fucking laws that state if your caught in the state of Oklahoma, with a Single marijuana joint. its automatically a year in jail. What the hells up with that!?!? i dont get the united states and their fucking stupid rules. it just dont make sense. what so ever! If someone wants to do something then let them. dont make dumb rules like that. what did a single joint do to someone that made it this damn illegal? just because they cant tax it, because people can grow it in their houses? That Bullshit!!! Enough of the dumb stuff. they dont need to tax Every Fucking damn thing!!! People are sooo stupid sometimes. Honestly if ur going to be dumb enough to overdose on ivory wave and cause your self to kill someone or something that far fetched then your an idiot. its your problem. u shoudl be put in jail, and that shouldnt be an excuse of why you did something like that. Thats ur issue. Just because one person fucks up doesnt mean EVERYONE has to be punished because of it! Drugs are out there rather the government wants them there or not. There Never Ever going away! Human beings are going to try and try new and differnet things, and maybe even make more drugs to get high on or atleast a lil normal. i mean wtf. granted yea this stuff can take away some pain and relieve stress etc. thats one of the reasons im going to do it for my foot. I got my heal cut off by a lawn mower when i was 6 and now im 18. and im tellin you what It Fucking hurts! They gave me vicodin for it only 30 V 5’s Ive done so many of them in my life that they dont do a damn thing to me, they never really did. and The doctor still to this day wont do anything for my foot problem… :/ I dont know anymore. People just seem to bitch about the stupidest lil fuckign things and take away the things that work for some people, all these drugs have gifts to them, and yea some get you a lil high! Oooh friggin well, some people need a lil high. Mainly these drugs minipulate pain and give you a strong feeling of being normal again. Fuck the Government And their Stupid Friggin Laws!!!

    • Thanks for the comment and sorry for my late reply (I never saw this until now!).

      I know people in very high-societal positions who use class A drugs and still function and do their daily jobs with no problems. They pass these laws to protect the retards who don’t know when to stop, have no self-respect, and can’t interract nicely with the rest of society.

      We should be allowed to choose – and especailly if these things are LEGAL! It’s crazy!

  2. You are about as stupid, unaware, inexperienced, as they come. You probably will not understand this comparison, but by any chance did you ever witness something in which you were ever embarrassed for the person you were watching even though you had no ties to them in any way? Such as a live television appearance you were viewing from your home? You dumb ass are that person right now.

    • OK, so I see all your insults and accusations, but apparently you have no reason or way of backing up your claims?

      HOW/WHY am I ‘stupid, unaware, inexperienced’?

      You haven’t really made it clear where your problem is?

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