Spies Spy On People SHOCKER & Getting Flashed By A Nazi

Spies Spy On People SHOCKER & Getting Flashed By A Nazi

It’s all over the news at the moment – they’ve caught some female spy who was… wait for it… SPYING!

Fancy that!  Whatever next?  Bakers in Making Bread shocker???

I arrived at the conclusion that all news these days is aimed at spastics quite a while ago, but things like this still pop up and anger me.

FFS does anyone really think no spying goes on these days?  Just because there are a few James Bond films doesn’t mean MI6 don’t REALLY exist!

Every country has spies.  Funnily enough, their job is to spy on people and not get caught.

Like… Durrrrr!

The other genius bit of reporting was when yesterday it was all over the news that from that day onwards one of our £20 notes was no longer valid to spend.  No chance of reporting that a week before so we have a chance to change them, then?  Fucking tits.

And this morning I got flashed!

No – not the cock-and-balls-in-a-trenchcoat type, unfortunately.

I was riding out of a 30mph zone into a 40mph zone behind a couple of cars.  The lead car was still doing under 30mph well into the 40, so, as any Police biker will advise you to do, I took the opportunity to ‘make progress’.

It’s a straight, well-sighted road, easily wide enough for me to overtake whilst not even crossing over the centre line of the road, so I overtook, still actually doing LESS than the 40mph limit.  Nice and easy, safe, and no drama.

Except there was a car coming in the opposite direction, and he flashed his lights at me like I was raping his Mother over his bonnet and about to make him crash into a ravine!

What the fuck???

How did I in any way affect his driving, or cause any kind of unsafe situation?  I sat bolt upright with both arms out in a questioning gesture.  What was he angry about?  Had he successfully judged my speed and road safety from 50 metres down the road and found them wanting?

I seriously considered turning around and having a word with them to find out what the problem was.  Although I guess I know the problem was that they were a Traffic Nazi.

It should be noted that they appeared to be holding up the car immediately behind them… go figure…


flash3.jpg picture by NastyEvilNinja

2 thoughts on “Spies Spy On People SHOCKER & Getting Flashed By A Nazi

  1. Dang! Flashed? No good. My favorite is when I’m rolling down the fast lane at 10 miles over speed limit and a fancy car comes up behind me and flashes me to get out of the way. I don’t.

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