Giving Good Head On A Bike

Giving Good Head On A Bike

Most of you will have noticed that when bikers pass each other on the road, they exchange a nod.

This may be different for you ‘Merkins and Canuks, but I hope not?  In France it’s a wave done by dropping your hand as low as you can, and I suspect other countries have different greetings, but they should all have something!  It’s another of the things that makes us all feel like one big family.  I’ve seen the same from rare cars and things like VW Camper Vans.

Or that’s what it is on the surface.  Underneath it all, there is a massive amount of snobbery and discrimination going on!

Sportsbikers and Harley riders traditionally hate each other, so most will not nod – and many people on ‘big bikes’ of any kind won’t nod to anyone with L plates or on a scooter or small bike.

I nod to all of them:

Sportsbikers because we’re the coolest.

Learners and Ped Bwoi’s because when I got a nod back off a ‘proper’ biker when I was on a 125 it felt great, and who says they’re not on a crap courtesy bike or something?

Police (bikers) because I like their momentary surprise that someone’s offered a friendly acknowledgement – plus if they ever do pull me over maybe they’ll remember me.  wink

Harley/Tourer types because those that don’t nod still try to look so moody and serious, and it makes me laugh. big grin

Last year on my way to work every morning I would pass a little kid walking to school with his Mum.  He’d nod at me as I went by, so of course I nodded back, and that became our morning ritual – probably much to the amusement of him Mum!  Maybe he’ll be on a bike someday…

The only times I won’t nod is if I’m busy watching/doing something else, or if they’re coming the other way on motorways/dual carriageways at high speed and probably won’t be looking anyway.  And even they get The Nod sometimes.

So if you haven’t seen this going on, take a look next time you see bikes passing each other, and if you’re a biker yourself make sure you do your bit for making the world a happier place just by a tiny movement of yer noggin!

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