First Knee-Down Of The Year!

First Knee-Down Of The Year!

Tonight, coming home from work, it happened!

I was held at some traffic lights on an island after filling up with fuel facing a short 40 yard blast to one of my favourite knee-down corners.

A few cars pulled up by me so I knew it was on… Lights went green and I opened it up trying to get enough speed up without lifting the front, then dropped it into the corner whilst hanging off and



It actually felt really good, because all we’ve had here for months is snow and ice and grit and rain all over the roads. I haven’t been able to lean the bike over at all for danger of dying to death in a filthy great big accident.

I’ve also been eyeing up trackdays for this year – today I even drew up a spreadsheet of potential days – but had a doubt in my mind about whether I was ready to get back on the track after months of being so careful in what I call Winter Survival Mode.

Now I’m chuffed to bits – the whole of the slider even went down flush rather than just about nicking an edge, so it was just about perfect and came nice and naturally.

So, does that mean it’s Officially Summer yet, or do I have to take the thermal lining out of my jacket first?

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